Why Neotech

Our Approach

Business Model

On receipt of requirements from our clients, we employ technology to help streamline the process and boost turnaround time. Our thorough planning and strategy help us initiate the screening process in a short period and bolster the recruitment process.

Time and Material

■ Faster Project Start
■ Dynamic Decision making
■ Better Control over the Project
■ Process Transparency
■ Precise price model

Fixed Bid

■ Defined and agreed deadlines
■ High predictability of the process
■ Less supervision from client
■ Close contact with developers
■ Precise final cost

Build Train and Transfer

■ Suitable for longer project duration
■ Rapid resource identification and scalability
■ High productivity and better control
■ Process Transference and smooth placement
■ Cost effective and flexible pricing model

Our Process


Global Consultants
50+ Partners
Independent Contractors
Database Over 3500


Tech screening
Industry Experts
Certified Candidates
Candidate Sourcing


Candidate Evaluation
Coordination Interview
Interview Outcome
HR Approval


Background Verification
Offer & Joining
Legal Approval


Constant Feedback
Monitoring Performance
Coaching & Mentoring
Replace in 24Hrs.

We help clients find exceptional leaders who fit their culture.

Our executive search consultants have national and international experience in many industries technical and Non-technical such as IT services finance, life sciences, consumer, healthcare, technology, engineering and many more Our client's range in scale from start-ups, to privatelyheld family firms, and to the world’s largest corporations

Timely delivery

As the old saying goes - time and tide wait for none. At Neotech, our efficient and automated process enables us to foresee requirements and pool the required resources. This perception helps provide timely and accurate solutions.


With changing scopes and emerging disciplines, we equip ourselves with the latest resources and tools to ensure that our solutions are well-suited to the need of the hour.


We work hard. We work smart.
With a comprehensive process and in-depth domain understanding, we at Neotech accomplish tasks and goals in the shortest period without hassle.

Analytical and Realistic

We analyze. We deliver.
We believe in assembling a pool of quality resources through our visionary, analytical and futurist take on processes and industries.

Automated Processes

Our automated process ensures
1) Productivity
2) Accuracy
3) Better resource quality

Diversified services

From catering to staffing requirements to offering opportunities to job seekers, from IT services to Non-IT services, we at Neotech have proven to be forerunners in various spheres of staffing and recruitment. With experts from diverse fields guiding and mentoring our team, we have proven to be catalysts for opportunities.

Secure and Synchronize processes

We receive several applications and put them through a meticulous screening process to provide the most beneficial candidates to our clients. We not only offer potential candidates but also ensure that the prospective candidates can work sustainably and adhere to the company's culture, philosophy, vision and mission.

A cut above

We aspire to stay one step ahead in the game. We scrutinize the bigger picture, identify loopholes and find appropriate solutions. Our visionaries offer fresh views and provide surprising insights that only help us excel in our field.