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ERP Solutions

Neo Tech Solutions’s ERP group focuses on assisting our customers ‘Digitally Transform’ their businesses. We do this by providing: Expert SAP Professional services for on premise (ECC) and Cloud (S/4 Hana) applications, and an ‘innovative and unique SAP VAR program’ that reduces our customers maintenance/support cost by 30% on average! These significant cost savings are provided back to our customers as a ‘Business credit’- to be used on: additional SAP products, licenses, and/or Neo Tech Solutions SAP services.
Let Neo Tech Solutions’s ERP group help you fund and deliver your 2019 SAP projects now!


Global People Advisory Solutions

The Neo Tech Solutions, delivering Global HR & Payroll Strategic Solutions since 1996. We view Transformation as the next stage, of HR progression. We deliver Long and Short-term solutions, which is supported with a business case and a roadmap for success. We partner with our clients Transforming their global business challenges into Scalable Solutions.


Enterprise Applications

Mobile business applications permeate the contemporary business environment, and their role continues to expand day to day. Still, many organizations have important lines of business not yet mobile-enabled and based on legacy platforms containing large amounts of critical data, much of which need to be made available to both customers and managers through mobile platforms. Neo Tech Solutions creates high-performance.


Military & Gov’t Solutions

Neo Tech Solutions has long partnered with government entities in providing technology and other strategic services. One of Neo Tech Solutions’s hybrid client projects is providing military logistics support at Camp Guernsey, Wyoming. Senior leadership at Wyoming Air National Guard (ANG), in 2009, had an interest in growing the utilization of its airfield and infrastructure.. To date, Neo Tech Solutions continues to provide services.


What clients are saying about us

  • …the joint training and services provided have been instrumental in the 1000% growth in throughput over the last seven years.

    Camp Guernsey Airfield Manager
    NGWY-TSC-AF 31 July 2014

  • In spite of our difficult relationship with local mgt, in spite of the two resignations we faced, in spite of the Mgmt change, April and May payroll cycles have been done successfully (and now the same for June). And, you [Neo Tech Solutions], are the actor of this result.

    Executive Director of Global Payroll

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